Youth group

Connect (13+)

We are Connect, because here you cannot only connect with other young people, but also get to know God personally.

Every Friday at 6 pm we meet with 40 people aged 13–19 years. We experience cool events together, play music, chill, play foosball, pool table and ping-pong, share what is going on in our lives and listen to inputs on current topics.

“Connect” is unique. Here people meet who would most likely never spend time together otherwise Here are teens from Barbüttel to Lurup – from Billstedt and Barmbek.

Most go to school, others are in job training or study in Hamburg. It is very special that such a motley bunch of people not only meets, but also really likes each other and works well as a group.

We live acceptance and appreciation, and as in a family, we share what is important to us. We want to help each other and develop by aligning ourselves with Jesus Christ. Because we are so amazed by Jesus we want to share our good experiences with others. “Connect” is a group that is open to everyone.

Whether you believe in Jesus or not, you are welcome! Meet us on Friday nights or attend one of our services on Sundays. Come along to our yearly church retreats, MOVE etc. and get to know Jesus!

BICK (up to 13 years)

BICK is a bible course for pre-teens and stands for: Bible Intensive Crash Course.

Each BICK course lasts 2 years and is taught by Daniel for students aged 11–13.

Similar to the confirmation classes of other churches, BICK teaches the essential foundations of the Christian faith in addition to a lot of fun and fellowship.

The aim of the course is that after two years the students

  • are able to grasp the Bible with its persons and stories in an historical context.
  • know the essential teachings of the Bible.
  • know the characteristics of Christian ethics.
  • have gotten to know the church as a place of fellowship and community.

During the course there are three weekend trips and at the end there is a big BICK closing service.

Michael Schulz

Michael is employed by the Christus-Gemeinde Barmbek-Süd to lead the youth group Connect. He is responsible for the weekly youth group meetings on Friday nights, as well as for all youth group events and the annual mission trips with the whole team.

Michael is also active in the youth leading team of the Mülheimer Verband. He studies theology at the Martin-Bucer Seminar and the University of Hamburg.

Gluckstraße 7, 22081 Hamburg
+49 40 2995011,

Gluckstraße 7, 22081 Hamburg
+49 40 2995011,