Sunday school

Sunday school in five groups parallel to the service

In order to make the children feel comfortable among us and the church to be their “home”, we offer an age-appropriate program for the children from 0–12 years in parallel to the service, which is under the motto “Die Schatzinsel (The Treasure Island)” and is divided into five groups.

As soon as children can sit, they are cordially invited to the “Goldtaler” (gold coins), an entertaining offer for the very youngest with many songs and many things to touch and participate in. The aim of this group is to convey to the very little ones that God loves them.

  • Goldtaler: 0–2 years
  • Dolphins: 3–4 years
  • Sailors: 5–7 years
  • Explorer: 8–9 years
  • Diamonds: 10–12 years

All children from 3 years meet from 9:50 a.m. to the “Spielstraße”. Here you can play with your friends and staff at various stations (e.g. painting, marble track, board games, kickers, table tennis). Afterwards, the children meet for singing and a creative, biblical input. They then go into four groups until the end of the service, where they can have breakfast together, be creative and deepen the topic raised in an age-appropriate manner.

Further information can also be obtained from the welcome staff of the service at the entrance to the main auditorium.

Sabine Prüter

Sabine is employed by the Christus-Gemeinde Barmbek-Süd for the children’s activities. She is responsible for Sunday school, children’s activities during the week and the annual children’s leisure time. Sabine is also responsible for the anti-abuse training for all employees and volunteers.

Sabine is married and has two children.


Gluckstraße 7, 22081 Hamburg
+49 40 2995011,

Gluckstraße 7, 22081 Hamburg
+49 40 2995011,