Alpha Courses

What is an Alpha-Course?

Alpha is a series of meetings where the Christian faith can be discovered in a relaxed atmosphere. At each meeting questions about life and the Christian faith are addressed. The topics usually result in interesting conversations and discussions.

Alpha is organized all over the world and is held in cafes, churches, universities, prisons, youth clubs, at home – wherever people are. Everyone is welcome! Everyone is welcome!

How does an Alpha-course work?

Each Alpha course starts with a festive information evening, followed by 8 meetings with exciting topics. The highlight is a Saturday spent together with all participants.

How does a typical Alpha-Night look like?

  • Food & Celebrations: Getting to know each other over a delicious dinner.
  • Listening & Understanding: Lecture on the Christian Faith – Understanding Christianity.
  • Talking & Sharing: At eye level – Share questions, thoughts and doubts.

When will the next course start?

The next Alpha course is expected to start in spring 2020 and will take place every Wednesday in our rooms at Gluckstraße 7 in the following 8 weeks. The course is free of charge.

Daniel Schnepel

Daniel is one of the pastors of our church and leads the small groups of the Christus-Gemeinde Barmbek-Süd.

Do you have questions about the Alpha-course or do you want to register? Do not be hesitant to contact Daniel at daniel.schnepel at or call 040 2995011.

Gluckstraße 7, 22081 Hamburg
+49 40 2995011,

Gluckstraße 7, 22081 Hamburg
+49 40 2995011,